Prince Harry got high on Dangerous “Laughing Gas”

Prince Harry
Prince Harry was accused of taking and getting high on dangerous “laughing gas”. Prince Harry was said to have inhaled balloons of potentially fatal Nitrous Oxide at a party.

A source at party told reporters: “Harry was the life and soul of the party. Every girl wanted to get his attention but they had to compete with the laughing gas – Harry loved it”.

“He didn’t seem bothered what people’s reaction might be to him using drugs. At 5am he sneaked off with the girls, saying they were heading back to his(St Jame’s Palace)”.

The anaesthetic has been linked to two recent deaths as the craze sweeps Britain.

Dr Paul Skett, from Glasgow University, condemned the prince’s “stupidity”. He said: “It is a very silly thing to do. It replaces oxygen in the system, which can lead to brain damage and even death.”