Prince Harry Found a New Love???

While everyone was talking about Harry and Chelsy getting together when they met at friend Olivia Perry’s flat in london last weekend as an effort to rekindle their relationship.

Apparently not. A few days after meeting Ms Davy, Harry was out partying with another blonde who is a close friend of Kate Middleton and has the reputation as fun-loving party girl.

27-year old Astrid Harbord, whose parents own a £1.6 million House in picturesque Wiltshire village of East Knoyle, is a well-known face among both princes’ close circle of friends. Last year she was pictured alongside Ms Middleton at a charity boxing event at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. Her other friends are said to include Lord Freddie Windsor, the rebellious son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, and Guy Pelley, one of the princes’ closest friends. She has also socialised with Ms Davy but they are not thought to be close.

According to the NewsoftheWorld report, Prince harry and Astrid Harbord were clubbing till 3am then harry took Ms Harbord back to his Clarence House flat (Prince Charles’s residence where both his sons have private flats) Accompanied by Scotland Yard bodyguards, the pair were driven in through the rear entrance, reserved for the royal family, just minutes after leaving a Chelsea club together.

A source said: “They were all over each other. There was certainly a connection there and they seemed to be having a great time. Then around 3am as the place closed they left with Harry’s minders in tow and got into the back of the royal car. Astrid was in the middle, sandwiched by the prince and his personal protection officer. Harry looked a little irritated and his cheeks were flushed red but Astrid seemed very happy.”

It is the first time Prince Harry has been pictured so close to another woman since splitting up with Chelsy Davy two months ago.

Astrid Harbord, who lives in Chelsea, studying at Bristol University. Society Magazine Tatler wrote: “Astrid is the coolest blonde to leave Bristol since Jemima Khan.”