Prince Harry escaped uninjured after headfirst fall in charity polo match

During a charity polo match in the caribbean Prince Harry was very lucky to escape any serious injury by the headfirst fall from the horse.


Though Prince Harry was uninjured, He appeared irate after the fall, angrily thowing down his mallet, ripping off his helmet and punching it. However, after the match Prince Harry explained about his unusual behavior.

Prince Harry said: “The reason why I was throwing my mallet down was because I met this nice businessman at dinner last night who offered me $50,000 for Sentebale if I fell off my horse today. However His wife turned round and said that’s a bit harsh, you should give him $100,000 if he stays on.”

He added: “So when I fell off, I threw down my mallet and shouted: ‘What a waste of $100,000!’ I was furious with myself”.

But, he said, the gentleman honored the bet, realizing that the horse fell, not the prince.

Harry was playing the match to raise money for Sentebale, the charity he co-founded in honor of his late mother, Princess Diana. The group works to help children infected with HIV/AIDS in Africa.