Prince Harry Declares Himself 100% Single

Prince Harry Single
During Hard Rock Music Festival at Hyde Park London on Friday night, answering to reporters questions, Prince Harry declares himself 100% single and have no girlfriend at the moment.

On reporters question about relationship status about Himself and Pippa Middleton, Prince Harry laughed at told reporters: “Pippa? Ha! No, I do not see anybody now. I am 100% single. I work a lot now, so having a relationship or watching TV are the last things that I have time for.”

By saying that Prince Harry has stopped all rumors of his relationship with Pippa Middleton since everyone noticed them flirting during the Royal Wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

However, Prince Harry was enjoying the attention of group of girls at the festival restaurant. An annonymous person at the restaurant told reporters that Prince Harry had spent a lot of time with group of girls especially with an american blonde. He/She said: “He spent a lot of time talking during dinner with a group of girls, especially with an American blonde. They’ve discussed about his brother and Kate’s travel in U.S. Harry said that they will have great time with the Americans because they are receptive and they love people who exude confidence in their own forces.”