Prince Harry Celebrated with Pint of lager and a Burger

Prince Harry, who passed his helicopter pilot final test exam last week, celebrated with a pint of lager and a Governor Burger with his 30 friends at local pub.

Prince Harry

Prince will now be officially inducted as a helicopter pilot and possibly will fly to Afghanistan to serve his country. However, This depends on the decision of the chain of military command above him.

After hearing the news of his having passed the elite training course, Harry and 30 friends went to the Banyan Bar and Kitchen, in Harrogate, Yorkshire, North England, where he had a pint of lager and a Governor burger.

Gareth Bowles, Bar Manager told reporters: “They were all gents and looked pretty athletic. Harry was mainly talking to the older ones who were in their 40s. He tucked himself in the corner and wore a cap. He had three bodyguards with him. One turned to me and said do you think we’ll have any problem with paparazzi and I said not really, it’s quiet. It’s Harrogate!”

Gareth Bowled added: “Harry didn’t come to the bar that often. He was sitting having a chat with his mates and wandering around with his hat on. He came across as a really nice guy. After enjoying his one pint of beer, the prince stuck to drinking cola.”

He will be presented with his wings by his father, Prince Charles- who himself qualified as a helicopter pilot in 1974 – later this week