Prince Harry backs Ben McBean’s fight to improve Troops compensation

Its been reported 24-year-old Prince Harry has backed Royal Marine, Ben McBean, is fighting to improve compensation for troops wounded in Afghanistan.

Its also been said that Royal Prince has risked the wrath of ministers and his Ministry of Defence bosses by supporting Marine Ben McBean, 22, who lost an arm and a leg to a roadside bomb in February last year.

Prince Harry said he was “humbled” by Marine McBean’s bravery after the two shared a flight home from Afghanistan. Harry described him as the “real hero” as he returned from a secret 10-week tour of duty.

Marine McBean, from Plymouth, Devon, was awarded £281,150 and a pension by the MoD, but he is appealing after other claims for hearing loss, MRSA and groin injuries were rejected.

“He (Prince Harry) often writes me a note of support,” Marine McBean said yesterday. “I am just trying to fight for all of the other lads.”

He said all injuries should be compensated in one claim, rather than separately. Yesterday a tribunal in Plymouth adjourned the case, ruling that some of his claims should be heard together in a two-day hearing at a later date.

However, The MoD said Prince Harry’s support for Marine McBean was “a private matter between two individuals”.