Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Could be the Next Royal Couple

Prince Harry with Pippa Middleton
Since Prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding media’s focus has been shifted to Best Man Prince Harry and Brides Maid Pippa Middleton. Every action of their is hitting the headlines now a days.

Everyone is talking about Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton. Pippa is the one who seemed to grab the media’s attention more and most probably will be the winner of Rear of the Year.

Andrew Morton, Royal Biographer, in an interview with a top UK magazine has spoken about Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton. In reply to a question if he thought the pressure would now be on Prince Harry to settle down, Andrew Morton said: “I doubt it. The pressure on him is to be Mr. Glamorous. It’s often the Maid of Honour and the Best Man that get pushed together in these situations so you never know, Pippa could be the next one…”

Like Prince Harry who is know for his party loving cool Royal, Pippa is the same. Pippa is known as a fun loving girl who is like Prince Harry has a penchant to party.

However, Pippa seemed to be happy with her long-term boyfriend Alex Loudon.