Prince Harry and Natalie Imbruglia enjoyed a cosy dinner together

Prince Harry and Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia enjoyed a cosy dinner together after partying whole evening at a Hard Rock Calling event held in Hyde Park, London.

prince harry and natalie imbruglia

According to reports 24-year-old Prince Harry and 34-year-old Aussie Singer Natalie Imbruglia exchanged warm hugs and kiss when they met earlier during a performance by “The Killers”.

After the show they went to VIP area backstage for a meal and joined by singer Tom Jones and four others.

After the meal they ordered a round of alcoholic lemod drop shots.

An eye-witness told The Sun Newspaper’s reporter, “Harry looked absolutely delighted to see Natalie when she arrived. They embraced warmly and shared a quick kiss. They were dancing and joking together for the entire duration of The Killers’ set.”

“At dinner, afterwards, they carried on chatting and laughing like old friends. Tom Jones joined them during their meal. They were having a whale of a time, drinking beer and wine before a round of shots.”