Prince Harry and Chelsy’s string of Secret Dates are Revealed

Its been revealed that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy, who broke up in January following a five-year on/off relationship, have been enjoying a string of secret dates in west London.

prince harry and chelsy davy
A Source revealed the pair regularly meet at a friend’s flat in Eaton Square so nobody sees them out together.

Source revealed, “They have been spending more and more time together. Chelsy Davy doesn’t like the ­pressure of being in the ­limelight when they’re ­together, so they have decided to keep it low key.”

Both Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are keen partygoers and were regularly spotted in swanky haunts Boujis and Whisky Mist together. But the pair have established a “pub-only” meeting point.

“They made an agreement not to meet at big West End nightclubs so they don’t get spotted. But they can still do the odd pub trip together ­because it’s quieter inside. When Chelsy goes to clubs, Harry makes sure pals like Guy Pelly are with her, so they can look after her.” Source Added.