Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy’s smoking habit is annoying their parents

Prince Harry who spent New Year holidays in Mauritius with Chelsy Davy and her parents according to some reports there was a slight glitch. An that is Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy’s smoking habit.

prince harry and chelsy davy
Chelsy parents especially her father Charles was very annoyed because Chelsy usually doesn’t smoke in front of her family. However, Chelsy spent much of her holiday puffing away with Prince Harry.

A friend told reporters: “Chelsy doesn’t smoke in front of her family if she can avoid it, but she really wanted to relax with Harry and they both enjoyed a few packets of cigarettes”.

“Chelsy’s father made a comment about “cancer sticks’’ – but she said she was old enough to do what she wanted.”

However, Its also been said that this will not going to be a big issue between Chelsy’s family and Prince Harry. Previously its also been reported that Prince Charles is also not very happy with Prince Harry’s smoking habit and he told him to quite as soon as possible.