Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy due to meet on Friday

Though prince Harry and Chelsy Davy split up five months ago after dating for five years. Since then, they have kept in regular contact by text and email, and shortly after they broke up they spent several nights trying to rekindle their romance. And seems that she still got feelings for the Prince.

prince harry and chelsy davy

Its been reported that 23-year-old Chelsy Davy is due to meet her ex-boyfriend Prince Harry at a party on Friday in aid of his Sentebale charity. and she told her close friends that she is looking forward to seeing the Prince. However, its also been reported that Chelsy is dating Dan Philipson now a days.

A Royal insider told DailyMail, “Chelsy can’t wait for the party as she knows Harry will be there. She is going with a group of girlfriends. Dan has not been invited and Chelsy is hoping to spend some quality time with Harry. It will be the first time they have caught up in a while.”

A close friend of chelsy said, “Chelsy has said Dan might be a rebound and she still cares a lot for Harry. She has confided that she wants him back but she gets the impression Harry has moved on.”

Source added, “Dan has played things down and said it’s not a serious relationship. Chelsy may be using him to make Harry realise what he’s missing. They were very much in love so she’s definitely not over him yet.”

Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark, Harry’s friend Astrid Harbord and William’s chum Jamie Murray Wells are all expected at the party, where it is hoped they will raise £5,000.

But on the other hand its seems that Prince Harry has moved on and his friendship with gladiator host Caroline Flake seems to be moving forward.

“They are Facebook friends and message each other all the time. Harry thinks she’s cute. He’s really busy with his Army training but he rather likes Caroline”, A friend added.