Prince Harry and Chelsy celebrated Harry’s birthday at London’s Nightclub

Prince Harry and fuelled the rumor of them getting back together by Prince Harry taking Chelsy to Raffles Night club, one of his favourite haunts, in London to start the celebrations ahead of his birthday on Tuesday.

prince harry and chelsy davyThis the first time Harry and Chelsy have been seen in public together since they split in January earlier this year. The pair arrived separately at the Raffles nightclub on the King’s Road. Chelsy was accompanied by her brother who is also a close friend of Harry.

After celebrating Harry’s 25th birthday Chelsy and her brother left 10 minutes before the prince at 3.20am. They took a taxi to Chelsy’s nearby home while Harry, accompanied by two bodyguards, returned to Clarence House.

According to some reports Chelsy has agreed to a three-month trial reunion to see if the Prince has really grown up after the third-in-line’s long, secret campaign to win her heart. And, in a bid to prove it, Prince Harry celebrated his reunion with Davy with a round of hot coffee at his Shropshire helicopter training base.

A pal said: “He’s flying high and he isn’t going to blow it this time!. He’s very settled about his future and he knows Chelsy isn’t after him for his money or position. She walked away from all that once before, which proves her head can?t be turned.”

Harry claims he’s reached a new level of maturity with the discipline needed to pass his first Army helicopter test. And, Chelsy is also happy not to have to step right back into the royal spotlight.

The pal continued: “It caused a lot of pressure in the past. She wants them to spend more time alone before the rest of the world gets a look in.”