Prince Harry among al-Qaeda’s top Hit List

Prince Harry on Al Qaida Hit List
News of the World reported that several members of Royal family are among the Top list of al-Qaeda targets and Prince Harry is in top of them.

News of the World quoted from Western Intelligence sources based on the testimony of suspected al-Qaeda member, Ahmed Siddiqui, who were interrogated in Afghanistan, “Harry entered the list of their top target”.

Besides members of the British Empire, the terrorist network was also planning attacks on high-level targets in Europe, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and a luxury hotel near the Brandenburg gate in Berlin. Thus, the United States have warned its citizens to be careful to Europe.

No wonder why Harry is in the top He had actively served as a British soldier in Afghanistan for several months under the forces of North Atlantic Defence Organisation (NATO).

Since the report of the intelligence issued British security forces tighten Prince Harry escort. No less than six members of elite troops of the Security Air Service (SAS) was derived to accompany Harry wherever he will go before that only Scotland Yard use to escort the Prince.