Prince Charles had face-to-face meeting with Shilpa Shetty

Big Brother fame bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty had a face-to-face meeting with Prince of Wales Prince Charles on Tuesday evening and according to source Shilpa still can’t get over it.

prince charles and shilpa shetty

Shilpa Shetty who was at Prince Charles home in Clarence with her boyfriend Raj Kundra says, “I have been very lucky to have met almost all the heads of state in Britain right from the Queen to Tony Blair and now His Highness Prince Charles. I can’t believe it!”

Shilpa Shetty, who is the co-owner of Rajhastan Royals cricket team, raised almost £0.5million at the British Asian Challenge Cricket Match between Middlesex and Rajhasthan Royals at Lords on Monday. Shilpa presents the check to HRH Prince Charles’s charity fund. Beau Raj and the Rajasthan Royals team were present too.

“We raised almost half a million pounds at the British Asian Challenge Match played between Middlesex and The Rajasthan Royals at Lords on July 6. The proceeds of the charity went to Prince Charles’s charity fund. His charitable trust gives funds to lots of causes and global warming is one of them.”

Shilpa rated the meeting with Prince Charles was very formal, “I complimented His Highness on the initiative he’s taken towards global warming. He’s extremely passionate about the cause and asked me if Indians were aware about it. When I said yes we were he told me, ‘be sure and tell the Indian media to write more about as it’s a very important cause.”

“Global warming is very serious and scary today. I remember Prince Charles had delivered a speech on it at an international awards event in Yorkshire a couple of years ago. He even knew about my crank lamps and how they save energy.”

Apart from serious topics, Shilpa was amused when Prince Charles asked her when she was shifting to the UK. She says, “I am so used to the Indian media asking me such questions that when His Highness asked me for a moment, I was stunned. Later, I heard that one of his aides had briefed him about Raj and me and about Raj being a Britain citizen. Initially, I didn’t know how to answer the question. Then I said, ‘Well it’s already my second home’.”