Prince Charles expressed his pride of Prince Harry

Prince of Wlaes, Prince Charles expressed his pride in Wales Soldiers as he accepted a salute from 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards at Cardiff Castle. Prince Charles also revealed how pride he is of younger son Prince Harry, who returned from Afghanistan last year.

prince charles and prince harry

More than 1,000 family and friends of the servicemen filled the grounds of the castle as the battalion marked its return from a six month tour from Afghanistan. Also thousands of common people packed St Mary Street to wave and applaud the troops.

The Prince of Wales spoke before soldiers from the battalion, also known as the Welsh Cavalry, marched through the capital exercising their freedom of the city.

Prince Charles told the 400 men, “You can have no idea what pride it gives me to be able to join you on this very special occasion which celebrates 50 years of loyal service by 1st Queen’s Dragon Guards.

“As many of you know, my very precious grandmother was Colonel and Chief before me. She spoke often and fondly of you and I know she always found her visits immensely enjoyable.”

Charles spoke of his pride of his younger son Prince Harry said, “I know what relatives went through when troops were deployed to battle.”

The Prince met veterans and their families later in afternoon.