Prince Charles and Camilla cut their personal expenses by US$1million

According to a Guardian report Prince of Wales Prince Charles and Camilla cut their personal expenses by about US$1million last year.

The last two long-distance foreign travel to the Far East and South America cost just over £2million. But the royal family have already cut their expenses by Prince Charles canceled his usual ski holiday in Switzerland and Camilla also scrapping her annual sailing trip to Greece.

Both of them also have reduced their expenses on their clothing and saved another million pounds. Also its been witnessed British throne has saved US $3.4million on his personal spending habits.

The annual accounts of the throne showed that the Prince spent £6.2 million on staff salaries, £65,000 on his gardens and more than £500,000 on official entertaining and receptions.

The royal blood, known for exploiting the British taxpayers, spends lavishly on vacation trips abroad. It seems there’s more scope to this cutback as the royals can still manage to chop their luxuries by another million or a two, relieving their taxpayers.