Mullah Karim who threatened to kill Prince Harry assassinated

Taliban Chief Mullah Abdul Karim, who threatened to to kill Prince Harry has been assassinated by special forces soldiers in Afghanistan.

prince harry and mullah karim

According to several reports from newspapers Australian marksmen “took out” Mullah Abdul Karim in a secret mission sanctioned by top brass. It was part of a concerted campaign designed to rid lawless Oruzgan province of hardcore militants. Their mission was carried out on August 10, but details have just been released by Australian military top brass.

Taliban commander Mullah Karim described Prince Harry, then serving with the Household Cavalry in Helmand, as an “important chicken” and threatened to kill him. He declared: “He is our special enemy.”

According to military reports with Mullah Karim’s death more than six senior Taliban leaders have been killed in secret operations.

Lieut-Gen Mark Evans said: “Mullah Karim was a tactical-level insurgent commander directly responsible for numerous attacks against Australian and Afghan forces.

“He was heavily involved in insurgent recruitment and responsible for harassing the people in the lead-up to the elections.”

The Prince, who is third in line to the throne, was secretly deployed to Helmand last year. But he flew back to Britain in March 2008 after foreign websites broke a media blackout on details of his presence.