Lady GaGa has huge crush on Prince Harry

The US electro-pop newcomer Lady Gaga has a huge crush on the gingered haired Prince Harry. Pop diva Lady Gaga has said she is besotted with Prince Harry.

The 22-year-old singer from New York says her obsession with the member of the British Royal Family began when she crossed his path recently.

lady gaga has a huge crush on prince harrylady gaga has a huge crush on prince harry

She said: “I spotted him last year in a club and couldn’t take my eyes off him. British men are cool. I especially love the accent and Prince Harry sounds so posh.”

In the same interview with Fabulous magazine the Lady GaGa who regularly compares herself to Andy Warhol- revealed she used to be stripper.

GaGa grew up in posh Beverly Hills and went to the same private school as Paris Hilton but apparently still needed to remove clothes to get by.

She said: “I have a strong sense of my own sexuality. I love the naked human body and I have huge body confidence.

“I was working in strip clubs when I was 18. I moved out of home, wouldn’t take any help from my parents and supported myself with waitressing jobs and stripping.”

She also said she would never give up her raunchy costumes.

The singer, who is at number 11 in the UK singles chart with “Poker Face”, is currently on her debut solo tour of North America.