Kate Middleton is Set to Win £10,000 over Privacy Invasion

Kate Middleton is set to win at least £10,000 in an out-of-court settlement against a photographer over alleged invasion of her privacy.

Kate Middleton

A photographer, Niraj Tanna, from an agency called Ikon Pictures is said to have taken pictures of her playing tennis from a public footpath. Kate Middleton is expected to receive at least £10,000 in damages, plus substantial legal costs, after threatening to sue a photographer and two British picture agencies over photographs taken of her at Christmas.

Sources close to negotiations over the dispute say that the photographic agencies have offered to meet Middleton’s demands because they cannot risk losing an expensive court battle.

One source said: “We can’t fight them. If it went to court and we lost, it could cost £100,000.”

AP understands that the photographer captured around 50 images using a Canon DSLR and 70-200mm zoom lens from an ‘elevated’ footpath that overlooks the tennis court.

Only 12-15 of the pictures are believed to have been distributed to the media.

Images were only made available for publication once the agency had satisfied itself that they would not breach UK press guidelines. The pictures were not published in the UK but one image appeared in a German newspaper.