Kate Middleton is desperate to have a baby ASAP

Its been reported from different sources that 35-year-old Kate Middleton, Prince William girlfriend, is desperate to have a baby asap.

Close friends to couple say Kate Middleton is worried her boyfriend will put off a royal wedding until he has finished his RAF helicopter rescue training in 2016. By then, Kate will be almost 35 and she is reportedly terrified she will run out of time to have children.

Kate Middleton’s family is also said to be concerned the 26-year-old prince is not intending to marry his girlfriend of five years.

A family friend told The Daily Star, “He is a lovely young man and will make a wonderful son-in-law. But Kate knows the clock is ticking and she doesn’t want to see 30 come and go and find herself short of time and plagued by health problems that come with older pregnancies.”

A source said: “Kate’s very happy in her relationship with William and ever since he started his training they’ve seen more and more of each other. He has some married quarters and Kate spends a lot of time there living under the same roof. But when they finally marry, she and William will be under the most incredible pressure to start a family.”