It Seems Chelsy Davy has moved on

Despite all the rumors and secret meetings to find their way back together again It seems Chelsy Davy has decided to call her love affair off with Prince Harry.

chelsy davy and dominic rose

On this sunday newspaper posted images of Chelsy Davy with her new boyfriend banker Dominic Rose during a holiday on the Algarve. Images were even posted on her Facebook page – and seen by the Prince.

In one, Chelsy, 23, beams as she lovingly drapes her arm over Dominic. In another, the couple lie back on his-and-hers inflatable chairs in a pool.

Prince Harry, 24, and Chelsy had break up seven months ago, but it was always thought they might get back together. They had several secret meetings, but Chelsy has now told her inner circle their relationship is over.

A source said: “Harry always worried about the friendship Chelsy had with Dominic, so when the pictures flashed up they didn’t go down well. Chelsy and Dominic met through Dominic’s sister Kat who is friends with Chelsy.”

As for Harry, he has told some friends he is enjoying the single life, but has confided to others that he misses being in a relationship.

Source added: “It was Chelsy who ended their relationship and despite his many attempts at winning her back, it had just run its course.”