Harry Would be Different if Diana Were Here

While speaking at a service that marked the an anniversary of the Princess of Wales the much loved “Lady Di”, Prince Harry told the hushed gathering that his mother had been “the best mother in the world.”

A small number of friends and family had come together with Prince Harry and Prince William at a private service which was held near Buckingham Palace at the Guards’ Chapel.

The young prince went on to tell the silent crowd that included many famous celebrities as well as his father Prince Charles and his grandmother Queen and grandfather Prince Philip that his mother had made Harry and William as well as many other people around the world incredibly happy.

In barely veiled comments the Bishop of London called for an end to point scoring using Diana as a piece in a belated chess game and that now was the time to finally
“let Diana rest in peace.”

Prince Harry was barely 12 years of age when his mother’s car sped through a Paris tunnel in an incident that Harry referred to in front of the congregation as an event that changed William and Harry’s life for ever and was “indescribably shocking and sad”.

He also said that he and William had always taken their mother for granted and accepted her love of laughter, Folly, fun and life without a thought. He went on to say that both he and his brother still continue to think about Diana every single day and always talk about the way she laughed with them and made them incredibly happy.

Across the country across the country at the site of Diana’s grave Althorp, members of the public left bouquets and cards and tried many tears in memory of this much loved mother.

It is hard to even conceive that Diana would have allowed her son Harry to embarrass himself in public as he has been known to do on multiple occasions over the last few years.

There can be little doubt that the bond between Diana and William and even more so with her “baby” Harry would have had a lasting and positive influence on the young prince had she still been alive and in a position to chastise his party going activities.

Diana always seemed young and excited about life when compared to other members of the Royal family so it would be hard to imagine that she would disapprove of Harry enjoying himself in his younger years and perhaps even falling off the rails a little.

But it is equally hard to imagine that she would have allowed him to go to the extremes which he seems to think fall under the title of reasonable behaviour in public.

We can only assume that if Diana had been around during Harry’s crucial teenage years that he would probably have grown up to be a very different young man with a very different attitude to life.