Harry the Mysterious Prince [Documentary]

This documentary “Harry the Mysterious Prince” is about Prince Harry’s personality and all about his different personality from Prince william and His ability to keep himself in News all the time. His personality and life has been totally different from other royals.

Harry the Mysterious Prince [Part-01]

part-01 shows prince harrys problems throughout his whole life. Also Shows his sports hobbies and work with Aids victims from his mothers charities.

Harry the Mysterious Prince [Part-02]

Part-02 discusses the jealously between the princes growing up and how the royal family favored William over Harry. This part also discusses the Spencers vow to protect William and Harry outsiders and how the prince Harry was always more of a mummys boy from an early age.

Harry the Mysterious Prince [Part-03]

part-03 talks about the spencers vow to protect william and harry. And the rumours around certain issues of the princes life.

Harry the Mysterious Prince [Part-04]

part-04 shows prince harry working within the public as a young boy along side William and Charles.

Harry the Mysterious Prince [Part-05]

Part-05 goes into the lives of both prince Andrew and Harry explaining whats similar with the way both princes are.

Harry the Mysterious Prince [Part-06]

Part-06 shows about harry’s following his mom princess diana and working on his charities. also the differences between princes, harry is more frank, open and aggressive compare to william.