Harry Serving His Country

The British Army has heaped criticism on foreign media staff who have revealed top-secret details involving Prince Harry’s Afghanistan deployment. Sir Richard Dannatt who is the Arm’s Chief of the General he had to seriously consider whether it is appropriate to remove Prince Harry from the Afghanistan conflict because of details revealed in media stories.

This breach of security followed an agreement that had been adhered to by all of the British media who had imposed a voluntary blackout on all Prince Harry news until his deployment in the dangerous region was completed.

This in turn had followed insistence by the 23-year-old third in line to the throne that he wanted to serve this country as a regular soldier not as a member of the Royal family.

Unfortunately and perhaps hardly surprisingly foreign journalists continue to pursue stories about this highly newsworthy member of the Royal family. An Australian magazine managed to acquire details of his situation on the Afghani front line. This story was then picked up by an American website by the name of the Drudge Report and eventually circulated the world via the Internet.

All of this happened after Harry had only spent 10 weeks on the front line fighting for his country. Following multiple website stories, a German language magazine for women called “Frau Im Speigel” ran a story, which they entitled “Prince Harry in Iraq?”

Without actually confirming if the Prince was serving in any battle zone the magazine instead chose to opt for quoting a supposed “source close to the royal family” claiming that Harry was either in Afghanistan or Iraq vote was in one of those two locations.

All of this, contrasts sharply with the subdued and for once responsible attitude of the British press and a few foreign news organisations that had agreed to ignore Harry until his return from the Army.
Obvious security worries have plagued the Army and the Ministry of Defence since Harry went into active service. They fear that apart from the risk of deployment into one of these two countries, there would be the additional risk of the third in line to the throne becoming a target of a hit squad or kidnapping.

Not only would this obviously endanger the Prince but it would also draw attention to other soldiers serving with him who would also be caught in any potential assassination or abduction attempt.
There is little doubt that the Army and Ministry of Defence would love to see an end to this situation. However, for the time being at least it seems that Prince Harry is absolutely determined to continue with his active service regardless of the potential dangers, which they may hold for him and his Army buddies.