Harry recorded a video in support of England’s bid for Rugby Worldcup 2015

As we all know that Prince Harry is a big fan of Rugby. 24-year-old Prince has publicly backed the efforts of the English ruling body to stage the tournament and has recorded a video message in support of England’s “first class bid” to host the Rugby World Cup in 2015.

Prince harry backs England bid for Rugby worldcup 2015
Dressed in a suit, the prince says in the message, “As you may know, I’m a huge rugby fan. You have already heard about how we in England will give the game of rugby a truly global profile with our world class stadiums and outstanding facilities for both players and supporters. All of it will leave a long lasting legacy in this rugby loving nation.”

Third in line to Throne HRH Prince Harry added, “As a mere rugby fan I’m not going to attempt to do justice to the technicalities of England’s first class bid in a very short message. But what I do want to do though, is give you all a sense of the passion that we have for the game in England.”

“The passion we would bring to the tournament if we were lucky enough to win it. We would pack iconic stadiums with excited supporters like me giving people an unforgettable supporting experience.”

Harry has watched a number of England international matches in recent years and saw the team play during the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia when they won the tournament. Four years later he was in Paris to see the sportsmen lose their world title to South Africa after being beaten in the final.