Harry made Caroline felt “a little bit like cinderella”

Prince Harry is renowned for his love of blondes until he met brunette beauty TV star Caroline Flack at mutual friend’s flat in West London, last friday.

prince harry made caroline flack felt like cinderella
24-year-old,The third in line to the throne spent the evening chatting and giggling with Caroline before the pair left together and exchanged numbers at midnight.

Caroline Flack has been telling friends she felt “a little bit like Cinderella” after hitting it off with the party-loving prince.

A close pal revealed: “Caroline thinks Harry is really cute. And she was amused by the texts he has been sending her, asking how she was feeling after their boozy night and joking about how rubbish they both were at playing poker.”

According to The Sun Newspaper reported, “the brunette has no plans to make a move on the army officer as she’s still pining over her ex-holloways drummer Dave Danger.”

Brunette beauty shares lots of mutual friends with Prince Harry, including TV presenter Natalie Pinkham, who also has a little history with the royal.