Harry is a Fashion Rolemodel for Florida Teenagers

Photos of Prince Harry and David Beckham wearing their jeans really low were used in court as an evidence to prove that the trend to wear low-slung jeans or trousers at public is not offensive.

Julius Hart, 18, was arrested last september for breaching a West Palm Beach, Florida, law that bans publicly wearing low-slung trousers below the waist, revealing one’s skin or underwear.

Carol Rousso, Fashion Expert, Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, who provided these photos testify that the trend is “form of expression”.

Carol Rousso told judges, “They’re expressing that they need to be able to fit into the group that they’re with at the time. They’re part of a community that follows the hip-hop music scene, that possibly is rebellious.”

Defence lawyer John Rivera told the Daily Mail, “We were illustrating how this has become a mainstream fashion. The pictures of Prince Harry had him showing his underwear and the point we were making was that technically, looking like that, he would be in violation of the Riviera Beach ordinance and qualify for punishment”.

He added, “So someone had better tell Prince Harry to stay away from Riviera Beach, or he could be in trouble.”

The Victim Julius Hart said, “I just want it to be over with so everybody can have their own little way of dressing, that’s all.”

The hearing will resume in two weeks.

Towns and cities across America have passed bans on saggy trousers, but there have rarely been prosecutions.