Harry and William Go For a Bike Ride

The happy go lucky princes William, 26, and Harry, 24, have sped off with a loud roar on a 1,700 km-long motorcycle rally in South Africa. The proceeds of the eighth
“Enduro Africa 2008” will benefit UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation and the charitable organization Sentable ( “Forget me not”), which Prince Harry, Prince and prince Seeiso of Lesotho established in 2006.

Altogether 80 riders will take part in the rally, which began in the port city of Durban heading for Port Edward. Prince Harry said before the start that his brother and he were “about the adventure”, but that also the social commitment was a good incentive to take part. A particular joy for the prince was to have something in common with his big brother that they could participate in together.

He went on to say that “We actually spend little time together. It may be that we argue, it may be that we have fun together, we will see,” His nervousness as usual shone through but he certainly seemed excited about the prospect of the big motor bike ride.

Each participant had to put down a minimum of £1500 start-up fee which goes to the charities with all the participants the total came to £300,000. Because of the possible dangers involved in the trip the riders will move in groups of ten participants, in eight days, they aim to reach the southern coastal city of Port Elizabeth.

The area through which the rally will pass is famous for its scenic beauty, but is also known as one of the poorest areas of the country. Prince Harry is often a guest in the region in the east of the country, since the parents of his South African girlfriend Chelsy Davey have a holiday home in a residential suburb of the port city of Durban.

This trip again highlights Prince Harry’s need for adventure and an adrenaline buzz, is need to push his self is well documented. The desire to put itself on the front line in both the Middle East and Afghanistan emphasises how much he desires the thrill of excitement.

Unfortunately back in the real world he also has an insatiable desire to push himself which always seems to show itself as extreme behaviour. His drunken antics have shocked the world as he has stumbled from one famous nightspot to another around the globe.

He seems to crave excitement and alcohol in equal measures; it seems that no amount of headlines and embarrassment or even rehab is capable of slowing the young Prince down.

It remains to be seen whether this is just boyish antics or something that could develop into a far more long time social problem for the Prince as he matures and moves back into Civvy Street.