Harry and Gladiator’s host Caroline Flack are dating?

Since Prince Harry and Chelsea Davy broke up, Prince Harry has not been short of female friends. Prince Harry was spotted with TV presenter Caroline Flack on friday night.

Miss Flack, 27-year-old, who hosts the Sky TV show ‘Gladiators’, has known the Prince for a year. However, the link between the two has not been made public until on Friday when the two were seen emerging from a basement flat in Fulham, West London just before midnight, after socialising with friends for more than three hours.

An onlooker told Daily Mail, “They were having a great time and you could hear music, laughter and the clinking of glasses coming from within. Harry and Caroline were clearly getting along very well, they were laughing and joking and their body language showed they were relaxed in each other’s company.”

Miss Flack spokeperson denied any romantic connection between prince and the beauty. She said, “There is no romantic link between them, they’re just friends. I believe the group went on somewhere else but I’m not sure where.”

A Clarence House spokesman last night has also declined to comment.

Flack’s big TV break was as a co-presenter on BBC2’s Saturday morning children’s show ‘TMI’. Other roles included hosting Big Brother’s Big Mouth.