Harry and Astrid partied all-night and left early together

Third in line to the throne, 24-year-old Prince Harry, spotted all-night partying with Kate Middleton close friend Astrid Harbord. Astrid Harbord was romantically linked with Prince Harry last month when Young Prince took blonde to Clarence House.

The prince attended the rave held at a run-down achingly trendy Whitechapel in London’s East End with a group of friends but he left early with the blonde beauty.

A fellow partygoer told The Daily Mail, “It was organised over Facebook by a socialite friend of his and was held in this squalid space with bare brick walls.

“Harry had to climb several flights of stairs to get to the actual room. Once you paid your ten quid to get in, there was a DJ and bar. The atmosphere was wild. Astrid is quite a party animal. The rave was due to end at 5am, so it was noticeable that she left with Harry around 1.30am.”

However, Astrid claims she is not dating Harry, even though they left the rave together, and she stayed at his Clarence House apartment after a night out last month.

A friend said: “Astrid insists there is nothing going on and that Harry only took her back to Clarence House the other week because she was so drunk that she could barely walk. But who knows?”

It’s lucky Harry and Astrid left early, because the rave came to an abrupt end when a prankster let off a fire extinguisher and everyone was asked to leave.