Drunk Prince Harry bumped into Security Pole

Party-loving Prince Harry bumped into security pole as he left his favourite club, Raffles in Chelsea at 2am this weekend. Even elite team of security personnel couldn’t able to prevent the accident.

prince harry

25-year-old Prince Harry was said to have fumbled his way through a crowd, bumping into several people, before royal protection officers came to his aid.

A witness told News of the World reporter: “He looked pretty drunk. He was stumbling all over the place. He was just concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other!”.

According to DailyMail report Harry’s night out could well be one of his last, after the prince was on the receiving end of a promotion in the army.

Friends say his additional responsibilities could prompt the sometimes wayward Royal to curb his partying and consider settling down with his girlfriend.

Prince Harry will be promoted to captain in rank in May. And according to sources it will be a real turning point for him.