Dizzee Rascal would have punched Prince Harry if he isn’t Royalty

British first black hip hop superstar Dizzee Rascal threatened to punch Prince Harry in the face after Rascal’s performance at Hyde Park’s Wireless Festival.

prince harry and dizzee rascalAccording to Telegraph Newspaper report, The incident happened after the Prince and three friends made their entrance while performing boxing moves and giving “street handshakes” on their way to meet the performer.

“I never saw that one coming,” said Rascal.

Then Prince Harry came in and was joking around and being a bit cheeky, so I told him, ‘If you weren’t royalty I would’ve punched you in the face by now,’ and he seemed to like that.”

According to Rascal, Prince Harry fit in well backstage because he is a “naughty boy”. In fact, Rascal thinks Harry and his friends are “probably a bit wilder” than his own crowd.

Rascal, the first British artist to top the charts twice in a row on his own independent label, says he has calmed down since his “moody” teenage years characterised by edgy subject matter and brutal beats.

His believes his new single Holiday, a calibration with Scottish producer Calvin Harris due to debut on August 31, reflects his cheerier outlook in a similar way to preceding Dance Wiv Me and Bonkers.