Can Charles Control Riotous Harry?

As Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor was born on 14 November 1948 the bubbling fountain in London’s Trafalgar Square was coloured with blue water to mark the arrival of a male successor to the throne.

It was at that time a joy as British tradition firmly committed to the monarch’s legitimacy to succeed Queen Elizabeth on the throne. The institution and the prestige of the Royal line were at that time beyond question and wicked newspaper columnists would never dare to alter one syllable of negative comment against the Royal family.

Today, the mood is somewhat cooler towards the house of Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II is still held in high esteem, but her heir to the throne Prince Charles is sometimes seen as a laughing stock. Through the 80s and 90s Charles brought scandal after scandal to the Royal household and at one point actually endangered the future of the British monarchy.

His marriage to Lady Diana Spencer at first seemed to be a marriage made in fairytale heaven. With the arrival of the first heir to the throne William the joys of the British public were uncontrollable and the cult of Diana was well established.

Unfortunately by the time that Harry was born the cracks in their relationship were being hinted at in the tabloid press on an almost daily basis. Rumours and counter rumours flew around endlessly until in the end the royal couple had to admit that all was lost with their marriage.

The couple still continued to be both heavily involved in their child’s lives until the untimely death of Diana left the boys motherless. As the day of Prince Charles 60th birthday approaches no doubt he is reflecting on his life and times as well as the breakdown of his marriage and his relationship with his children.

Conflicting reports in newspapers either seen him as indifferent to his children in particular second in line to the throne Harry, or paint him as the doting royal father. He certainly seems to have had little effect on the young rebel Prince as he has moved from one personal and public relations disaster to another.

His drunken binges and is seemingly inexhaustible need for the party highlife across the globe appear to be totally without limit. He hit a real low note in his short but excessive partying life in January 2005 when he thought it was appropriate to turn up to a boozy fancy dress party wearing a Nazi swastika.

The press jumped on the incident without mercy, and as Harry was only 20 at the time they laid a large amount of the blame on his father and his lack of involvement in the young princes life, which if you believe newspaper accounts has left Harry rebellious and also uncontrollable having lost his mother at an early age and having a strained relationship with his father and Lady Camilla Parker Bowles.

We will have to wait and see if in fact this is just a young man’s rebellious nature or if it is his true character.