Biography – “Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother” is the definitive portrait of a remarkable woman

Its been said New Biography which is suppose to be released on September 17 will reveal all about Queen Mothers thoughts about issues ranging from Princess Diana, her relationship with British Prime Ministers, 1936 abdication of Edward VIII, which saw the Duke of York, the Queen Mother’s husband, become George VI, to her daughter’s coronation as Queen in 1953 etc.

queen elizabeth, queen mother biographyWilliam Shawcross, writer of the book, read many letters, some not touched for 100 years, as he compiled his 1,000-page book, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. It is also thought he interviewed senior royals, the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of Wales, while researching the biography.

Speaking during an online interview for his publisher’s YouTube page, Mr Shawcross said: “Her letters are the core of the book. She wrote marvellous letters, from the age of 10 to 100, and had marvellous handwriting and a marvellously clear jubilant voice.”

Describing how he was awarded the commission, Mr Shawcross said: “I had a letter from the Queen’s private secretary in 2003 saying ‘The Queen has asked me to invite you to write the official biography of her mother. Would you like to do it?’. So I said yes.”

Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that Queen Mother and Mr Shawcross had extensive chats about a wide variety of topics over many years. “(The book) will provide the first account, in her own words, of the 1936 abdication crisis which unexpectedly thrust her nervous, shy husband, with his stammer, onto the throne as George VI and the subsequent social ostracism of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor,” the newspaper said.

“It will also examine the years when she refused to leave London with the King.”

“The book also examines her reaction to the divorce and death of Princess Margaret and her attitude to Diana, Princess of Wales, and successive prime ministers such as Baroness Thatcher, who she reputedly admired.”

Transcripts of the private chats, held before the Queen Mother died aged 101 in 2002 and Shawcross was given permission to access the archive at Windsor Castle of the Royal Family’s private and public letters and papers are kept.

The Queen Mother gave just one brief interview during her lifetime that was made public – when she was aged 22 and newly engaged to the Duke of York, who was crowned King George VI in 1936.

Details about the book’s content have not been released ahead of its publication next month but it is expected to give insights into momentous royal events during the 20th century.