Al-Qaeda Threatened Prince Harry on his Return to Afghanistan

According to Daily News report terrorist group Al-Qaeda has threatened Prince Harry on returning to Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot.


The warning was posted on Al-Qaeda Arabic website by the supporters of Osama Bin Laded, saying that he would be kidnapped if he dares to fly in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry, has been selected for Apache training after he was presented with his pilot’s “wings” by his father, Prince Charles on Friday, May 7. Prince Harry got his Pilot Wings.

A Person wrote on website: “Wouldn’t it be sweeeeeeeet if the Mujahideen could capture that pig!”

Another said: “It would be wonderful if we capture this bastard alive after shooting down his Apache”.

The website, is one of the first to release a video, in which a spokesman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban claimed responsibility for the failed Times Square bombing.

According to media reports, investigators have found the site to be receiving its maximum traffic from jihadists based in Britain and the US.