£8 million worth Dirty Harry didn’t have money to buy a drink

Another Royal Secret been revealed when The 24-year-old, Prince Harry told army friends that he couldn’t remember the last time he had shampooed his ginger hairs. He was out celebrating at the Tally-Ho pub in Sleaford, Lincs, with fellow trainee pilots after completing the first stage of Army Air Corps training at RAF Barkston Heath.

An onlooker said Harry’s friends were “gob smacked” when he responded to their good-natured teasing about his vivid red locks by blurting out, “It’s been two years since I washed my hair”.

According to Telegraph Newspaper, “Many people believe in the benefits of not using shampoo as hair will self-clean itself if left alone for at least a week.”

£8 million worth The prince further shocked patrons when he asked friends to buy him a drink because he was short of money.

A customer told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “It was hilarious. Here’s a bloke who is royalty and he’s feeling the pinch. He told his friends, ?I’ve only brought out £20 with me. That’s all I’ve got’. “It was all in good fun and Harry took it on the chin.”

Harry and his friends arrived at the pub at around 6pm and stayed until closing time.

Harry was told on Thursday after a 3-month Army Corps Course that he has won his Pilot Wings. And from Tuesday he will start helicopter training at RAF Shawbury, Shrops, where Prince William is already stationed.

Prince William left horrified by Security Advisors when they told the brothers it will be safer and cheaper for them to share accommodation at the base. and also William has been told he has to move girlfriend Kate Middleton out of a cosy cottage he had commandeered ñ so Harry can move in.

One pal said, “He is a bit down about it because itís really going to cramp his style to have his little brother in his spare room. Harry is his brother and he loves him but who would you rather share with. him or Kate? But William understands that security is essential for everyone’s safety so he will just have to lump it.”

Harry will switch from fixed-wing planes to a Squirrel helicopter from Tuesday and will clock up at least 47-Air hours over the next six months. But although he has passed his solo flight test, he won’t formally collect his full Army pilot wings until he completes all his training next year.

And friends say Wills is looking forward to comparing his Top Gun skills with his brother. “They are very competitive anyway but William is RAF and Harry is Army so they’re going to want to see who can be the best.”