41% Canadians prefer to see Prince William become next King

A new canadian poll suggested that majority of Canadians would prefer to see Prince William become King in future after Queen Elizabeth instead of his father Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. The poll was conducted during Oct 29 – 1Nov.

prince williamPoll released yesterday by The Canadian Press/Harris-Decima asked 1,000 Canadians about their thoughts on the Royal Family. 41% said they would rather see Prince Charles pass off the throne to 27-year-old Prince William rather than succeed Queen Elizabeth himself, while 31% believed Charles should be King.

The senior vice-president of Harris-Decima, Doug Anderson said it was no surprise to see how popular Prince William is among Canadians.

Mr.Anderson said: “But in terms of whether it’s worth skipping natural monarchy progressions in order to have the more popular prince as the next King, I was a little surprised by the preference there.”

Mr.Anderson added: “All things are sort of working well for William and have been for some time. But in terms of preferring to see him become the next King over Charles, it says to me that some people are saying, ‘Let’s go with the more popular …’

“William has almost none of the negatives that a lifetime can throw at you, so it wasn’t surprising to me that people like William so much.”

The poll alos suggests 45% Canadian thinks that monarchy is an important part of Canadian history and culture while 44% believes it’s a relic of our colonial past.

The respondents were also asked if Canada should sever ties to the Royal Family after Queen Elizabeth dies. Half said Canada should not consider this while 39% said they would support such a move.

The respondents were also asked which member of the Royal Family is their favourite.
Queen Elizabeth : 34%
Prince William : 27%
Prince Harry : 8%
Prince Charles : 4%
Prince Philip : 3%