2 burglars tried to break into Prince Willaim and Prince Harry House

Its been reported A couple of unknown burglars attempted to break into secret off base country house at shropshire, shared by Prince William and Prince Harry.

prince harry and prince william

The house can be rated as one of the better secured homes in Britain. The house is under 24 hour armed guard and its location is secret and the robbers were spotted within seconds.

It is thought the two burglars had no idea who lived there. Neither prince was home at the time. The princes have been told about the break-in attempt and are said to have found “the funny side” of the incident.

Prince William has lived there since January when he began helicopter training at nearby RAF Shawbury, Shropshire. Younger Brother Prince Harry joined him in April when he too started learning to fly.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: “I can confirm that two men were arrested at an unspecified address in Shropshire. They were cautioned with conspiracy to commit burglary.”

A Clarence House spokeswoman added: “It’s a matter for the police.”